October is Cyber Security awareness month and all of our customers can use this month to take immediate action to their hosting accounts.

Some few reminders before you start building your WordPress site:

  • Do not use Admin as your username during wordpress installation, change it, personalize it.
  • Install firewalls and malware scanners, we recommend WordFence.
  • Conduct regular scans and updates on all plug-ins especially on WordPress core files.
  • Use a password manager and ensure you’re always using strong passwords on all logins.
  • Save a back up on site and download it to your personal desktop / hard drive.

99% of the time an account is compromised through the following (in this order):

  • WordPress admin login
  • IMAP/Email account login
  • FTP account login
  • cPanel account login

Preparation is the key. If you aren’t doing these seven simple things, you’re leaving your website at risk to be exploited.

Be careful, stay safe and happy building! 


Kind Regards,

DatastiQ Team

Saturday, October 13, 2018

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